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The Herbal Container

What They Needed

The Herbal Container is an online retailer that specializes in organic hygiene products. As an online retailer, The Herbal Container recognized the impact a video has on Conversion Rates. A video that could be distributed across a wide variety of platforms (Official Website, YouTube Pre-Roll, Social Media, Amazon, Etsy, etc.) was requested. 

The video needed to introduce consumers to the overall concept of the product, explain the benefit of using organic products, and make consumers aware of where the product can be purchased. The client requested a positive and friendly  theme, with an emphasis on how similar the soap looks to food due to its organic nature.

How The ARRC helped

The ARRC was privileged to service The Herbal Container and produce a video that served a myriad of purposes. This v ideo can be distributed online as well as on traditional mediums (television).  The ARRC collaborated with The Herbal Container to script, shoot, and edit a 30 second promotional video.

This video  showcased The Herbal Container’s top product line, introduced consumers to the concept of the product, and informed consumers of where the item may be purchased.  Due to the nature of Online Retail, the video was also used to give The Herbal Container a brand identity and allowe d the consumers to view the product before purchasing – which is key in improving conversion rates.

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