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Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center

What They Needed

The Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center (SWVBRC), in concert with the support of communities will serve Veterans and active duty members that have served in any military component through outreach and education programs.

The SWVBRC reached out to The ARRC to create and promote an online presence to increase its membership to a global level.

How The ARRC helped

Branding, Print, and Digital Production

The ARRC worked with SWVBRC in a full-service capacity. It was important to establish an online-presence, streamline membership management, and promote the concept and special events through media.

Annual Small Business Summits

The ARRC successfully launched and managed 10 Annual Small Business Summits held in Riverside County.

Workshops, Seminars, Training Classroom Sessions

The ARRC hosted, documented, and marketed the SWVBRC's on-going Workshops.  These workshops were used to train and promote Business Owners on working with the State, the VA, and on best-practices. 

Virtual Classroom and Web Series

Additionally, the SWVBRC established its own Virtual Classroom that distributed Interactive, Educational Video training for its members through a membership-drive website.

  • Consulting
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Database Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive Web Design
  • Membership Database
  • Online Event Registration
  • YouTube Promotional Video
  • YouTube Training Video Production
  • Television Video Promotion
  • Graphic Design

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