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ACE Mentor Los Angeles

What They Needed

The ACE Mentor Program has enabled over 1,500 high school students to discover the exciting potential of careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE).  ACE brings Architecture, Construction and Engineering professionals into high schools twice a month to teach students and mentor them.  ACE Mentor reached out to The ARRC to decrease the man-hours needed to maintain their website and database.  ACE Mentor needed to operate in a unified CMS to handle high levels of end-to-end data.

How The ARRC helped

The ARRC worked with ACE to optimize their existing database and website design to bring it into the modern age.  Through our efforts, we were able to achieve a more user friendly website for both Administrators and end users.

  • Database Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Member Directory plotted to Map
  • Consulting
  • Online Event Registration

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